Seth Meyers Conjures Halloween Horrors To Describe Fox News Blame Game


NBC’s Seth Meyers took a Closer Look on last night’s Late Night at Fox News’ “both sides now” approach to spreading blame for all the hateful rhetoric going around.

Along the way, Meyers got in jabs at Donald Trump’s bad hair day and Sean Hannity’s Frankenstein resemblance, but the focus was blame.

Despite the dozen-plus mail bombs sent to Democratic leaders and supporters, and the slaughter by a right-winger on Saturday in a Pittsburgh synagogue, Fox Newsers from Lou Dobbs and Hannity to the Fox & Friends think tank continued their campaign of false equivalence.

Check out Meyers’ “Closer Look” segment above.

Meyers saved his sharpest observation for Trump though. Answering the president’s tweeted rhetorical about why CNN is allowed to criticize him but not vice versa, Meyers said, “That’s because it is their job to cover you.”

“You’re like a guy that goes in for a check-up and says, ‘Funny how the doctor can check my prostate, but if I try to check his I get arrested.”

And perhaps with Halloween this way coming, Meyers made a couple seasonal references – at one point describing Hannity as Frankenstein with the brain of Alex Jones, and at another point saying Stephen Miller burst out of the chest of Steve Bannon, Alien-like.

Meyers does a pretty good imitation of the alien, by the way. Check it out above.

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