Saudi Banking Scandal Movie ‘Billion Dollar Mirage’ Moving Forward At Name Lending Films

Billion Dollar Mirage
Name Lending Films

EXCLUSIVE: Newly formed production company Name Lending Films has set its inaugural project, Billion Dollar Mirage, with secured funding from aX Films and other private equity. The feature adaptation is based on the yet-to-be-released autobiography, Never Do Business With Princes or Kings, by American banker Glenn Stewart. Set in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, the film centers on one of the largest financial scandals in history.

T.Y. Kim is attached to pen the screenplay, which will be produced by Jason Wulfsohn, Johnny Martin, and aX Films.

Stewart’s story made headlines. The Oxford-educated young American moved to Saudi Arabia and landed a job with a prominent Saudi family. There Stewart worked with them to create a vast banking empire, which successfully cash-flowed over $330 billion dollars from more than 100 banks worldwide. As the global credit meltdown destabilized the world economy, billions of dollars of debt were quickly exposed as fraudulent and everything Stewart had built for himself and his family began to unravel.

Stewart found himself at the epicenter of a $126 billion credit default scandal, a fugitive from the law, and on the run from the ruthless Saudi authorities. After being arrested at the airport, he enlists the help of two ex-CIA operatives and executed an escape from the Kingdom. Evading capture from the billionaire brothers, Stewart discovered that his enemies can follow him back to the United States where he was sued for fraud for over nine billion dollars.

“This is a story that needs to be told, from my vantage point, to reveal what was really going on in Saudi Arabia and the entire region – and still is to this day. You think that Wall Street had it bad at the time? That was nothing compared to my experience,” said author Stewart.

Casting is currently underway with Elaine Grainger serving as the casting director. Production is slated for early next year with filming to take place in locations across the Middle East.

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