Bill Maher On Mail Bomber: “Is It Okay To Call This One Deplorable?”


UPDATE, with New Rules Halloween video The hashtag “#MAGAbomber” came for Cesar Sayoc Jr. nearly as quickly as his arrest today, but Bill Maher reached back a couple years for something a tad more classic.

“Is it okay to call this one deplorable?,” Maher asked during his opening monologue on tonight’s Real Time With Bill Maher. “Or would that hurt Republicans’ feelings?”

Maher would eventually get to his annual gripe about politically correct (or not) Halloween costumes (watch that video bit above, and read about it below), but first he had some laughs to squeeze from that mail bomber – and there were more than might have been thought possible as early as yesterday.

Maher’s deplorable joke was topped by a well-delivered line from tonight’s opening guest on the HBO show, adult film actress and Full Disclosure author Stormy Daniels. “I got the first package,” she said, “and sadly mine went off.”

Let that one sink in.

Daniels had been booked for tonight’s show well before this week’s series of mailed pipe bombs, but Maher found a parallel. Like those targeted by the bomber (Sayoc has been charged with five felonies), Daniels, said Maher, was targeted by Columbus, Ohio, police officers for arrest during a stripping gig last summer on a trumped-up human trafficking charge.

“That person was obviously gleeful to arrest you,” Maher told Daniels, who went on to explain what “motorboating” means.

The arrest of the Trump-supporting Sayoc handed Maher an early Christmas gift of monologue material.

“He lives with his mom and has no furniture,” Maher said. “And we all know whose fault that is – Eric Holder and Hillary Clinton.”

And after listing the Democratic leaders who were sent suspicious packages: “Poor Tim Kaine is waiting at the mailbox. Bernie Sanders issued a statement – ‘What am I, chopped liver?'”

Then, noting that actor Robert De Niro also made the list: “Meryl Streep was snubbed.”

The mail bombings probably came too late in the week to make Maher’s scripted New Rules segment though – his end-of-show bit focused this week on Halloween, politically correct and incorrect costumes and the October holiday’s similarity to a certain caravan-inspired fear-mongering.

“The single, over-arching message of Fox News,” he said, is that “weirdos are coming for your sh*t. Well, that’s what happens on Oct. 31.”

Check out Maher’s Halloween treat in the video above.

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