‘Vox Lux’ Trailer: Natalie Portman Rocks To The Top, Takes A Fall & Tries A Comeback


“People been trying to take me down for years,” the pop star tells an adoring audience. “But I won’t stay down.” Black Swan Oscar winner Natalie Portman segues to playing a very different kind of entertainer in Vox Lux, whose first trailer streets today. Check it out above, and have a look at the key art below.

Vox Lux

Here is the logline: It’s 1999, and teenage sisters Celeste (Raffey Cassidy) and Eleanor (Stacy Martin) survive a violent tragedy. The sisters compose and perform a song about their experience, making something lovely and cathartic out of catastrophe. Celeste’s performance of it at a memorial service helps catapult her to stardom, with the help of her manager (Jude Law). Her meteoric rise to fame dovetails with a personal and national loss of innocence, and by 2017, Celeste (now played by Portman) has a teenage daughter (also Cassidy) and is mounting a comeback after a scandalous incident almost derailed her career.

Touring in support of her sixth album, a compendium of sci-fi anthems titled Vox Lux, the foul-mouthed pop savior must overcome her personal and familial struggles to navigate motherhood, madness and monolithic fame — and another act of terrifying violence.

Brady Corbet wrote and directed Vox Lux, which features original songs by Sia. NeonĀ opens the film December 7 in Los Angeles and New York and expands it nationwide the following week. Let us know if the trailer rocks you or not.

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