Casting Networks Expanding Footprint In Mobile Audition Space With $10M Investment

Casting Networks

EXCLUSIVE: Casting and audition management software company Casting Networks is investing $10 million to accomplish its goal of creating a global, end-to-end platform for all stages of casting across all media. The mobile-enabled, casting workflow platform will offer a universal, global solution for film, television, web, commercials, print, model and extras casting.

Today, various aspects of the casting process require the use of several, outdated software products from different companies. Casting Networks is looking to minimize any wasted time and lost opportunities in the casting process.

“We’re combining all of this into a single platform,” said Rafi Gordon, CN co-CEO. “In the process, we’re giving casting directors, studios and networks complete security and control over all the assets in the audition process, from the creation of videos, self-tapes and materials, to digital watermarking and access controls, through the process of writing and distributing sides and briefs.”

The new, fast-speed casting platform will be fully mobile-enabled, so casting directors, studios, brands, agents and talent can accomplish all aspects of casting via smartphones and tablets. At the same time, state-of-the-art data-science will be integrated into the platform to assist casting directors and talent reps identify talent and help actors, models and other performers find jobs and representation based on millions of monthly interactions and touchpoints. Since being acquired, CN has grown to 200 full-time employees and contractors in eight countries.

“Today, casting directors and agents, along with the rest of the entertainment production industry, are being asked to do more for less,” said Alex Amin, CN co-CEO. “To accommodate this demand they need tools that are faster, smarter and more efficient. Existing products have not kept pace with advances in digital technology over the past 15 years and are now in desperate need of a massive overhaul, which is exactly what we and our investors are doing.”

Casting Networks and Cast It is currently being used by 20th Century Fox and a number of talent reps and actors, with the latter product in use by majority of studios and networks.

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