‘Broad City’ Sets Premiere Date For Fifth And Final Season

Comedy Central

Yaaaaaaassss queen! After four seasons of odd jobs, awkward moments, interesting schemes, questionable relationships, bizarre life decisions, and a whole lotta weed, Ilana and Abbi are sprinting their way to their fifth and final season of Broad City which will debut 10 pm ET/PT on January 24.

Comedy Central revealed the date of the series finale with a video that included a montage of Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson running throughout the seasons — and they do a lot of running. However, there is one smoke break before it ends with Glazer and Jacobson out of breath announcing the premiere date.

Even though the season 4 finale was titled “Friendiversary”, the episode was a bit bleak rather than celebratory — even if it still included that Broad City brand of funny. As the title of the episode suggests, Ilana and Abbi have a big day coming up, even if Abbi totally forgot. Ilana gives Abbi a keepsake necklace once owned by her great-grandmother while Abbi attempts to pass a hydrating face mask as a gift. In order to make up for the bad gift, she takes her to the top of the Empire State Building where they see, through a telescope, a man push a woman out of a window. They break into his apartment and after a comedy of errors, realize the man just defenestrated a sex doll. They all have a good laugh, but the episode ended with Abbi and Ilana back on their bench from the season’s first episode, with Abbi giving the necklace back to Ilana. Hopefully, season five will pick up where this episode left off.

Even though Broad City is coming to an end, Glazer and Jacobson are staying in business with Comedy Central through a development deal. Under the pact, Comedy Central will have a first look at all content created and/or developed for television by Glazer and Jacobson, both together and independently. The deal also extends across all of parent company Viacom’s television networks.

Glazer and Jacobson have three projects already in development at Comedy Central under the new pact: Mall Town USA, Platinum Status and Young Professionals. The pact excludes existing projects, including Jacobson’s A League of the Their Own reboot series which is in the works at Amazon.

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