Fox News Condemns Violence Against Media As Former NY Congressman Blasts Its Coverage Of Bomb To George Soros

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“We condemn all attempted acts of violence against media organizations and our thoughts are with CNN for the safety of all of their employees,” Fox News said today after a suspected pipe bomb was sent to CNN, addressed to former CIA chief John Brennan.

Fox News’ statement was part of an internal memo sent by HR to staff in wake of the discovery at CNN this morning. “We wanted to take this opportunity to inform you that Fox News is taking ample precautions on the security front in our New York headquarters given the suspicious package found at CNN this morning,” the news division informed its employees in the memo, a copy of which was obtained by Deadline.

The memo went out shortly after former New York Rep. Steve Israel, a CNN contributor, blasted Fox News for its coverage of the suspected bomb sent Monday to liberal philanthropist George Soros.

“We are in an era now where violence seems to have license by the President of the United States,” Israel said on MSNBC during the rapidly unfolding news.

“It’s not just going to Montana and endorsing body slamming. It’s not just saying that neo-Nazis are good people —  or that there are good people on both sides of a march including neo-Nazis.”

“Remember the President of the United States, in the campaign, offered to pay the legal bills of his supporters if they attacked his opponents,” Israel said.

“It’s not even just the President. We have a bomb squad at the CNN building in New York City today. Yesterday I was walking in New York City and passed the building where Fox News is headquartered. And the digital ticker that displays news on that building was reporting on the George Soros bomb threat. And it began with these words: “For The Man Who Has Everything.”

“That is not funny. It is dangerous,” Israel admonished. “It’s not just a president who gives license to violence, but those who are enabled by that violence.”

“They have a responsibility to make sure we are embracing values of peace and safety and not pouring gas on the flames,” he said, slamming Fox News.

Fox News has not commented since we reached out for response to Israel’s remarks; we will update if they do.

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