Stephen Colbert Unveils New Donald Trump Narrated Ted Cruz Campaign Ad


The day after President Donald Trump went to Houston to campaign for his former political rival Sen. Ted Cruz – at which Trump mostly talked about himself, announcing:

– He’s a proud “nationalist”

– He intends to give a 10% tax cut to middle-class Americans before the midterm elections in two weeks, though Congress is not in session

– He will call out the military to defend the country against the terrorists from the Middle East who have joined the thousands of Hondurans trekking through Mexico to seek work and refuge in the United States

The next day, Stephen Colbert got his hands on Cruz’s new campaign ad, for which the senator from Texas has scored narration by the man who once accused his father of being involved in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy:

“I’m Donald Trump, and I must tell you one thing about Ted Cruz. I have never ever met a person who lies more than Ted Cruz. One of the great liars of all time.”

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