Intruder Who Broke Into Fox TV Station In D.C. Shot By Security Guard

Lindsay Watts via Twitter

A Fox affilliate in the nation’s capital had no trouble coming up with a lead item for its newscasts tonight. A man who had made unspecified threats against Fox executives and police in the past broke through two locked glass front doors and was shot in the chest by a security guard at just past 3 PM ET.

George Odemns, 38, of Northwest Washington, D.C., was in stable condition at a local hospital after the incident in the station’s lobby and has been charged with second-degree bulgrary. Fox 5, which is in the city’s Friendship Heights neighborhood, said he previously had sent long, raning emails to that station and others and had been charged with murder. Police have not commented on a motive for the attack. Here is video of the break-in:

WTTG said its female security guard first tried using pepper spray against Odemns but shot him in the chest after the spray failed to slow him down. “He forced his way in by kicking in the door, and the shooting happened in the lobby area of the station,” Washington police Cmdr. Melvin Gresham told reporters, adding that the man wasn’t armed.

The intrustion happened about a half-hour away from the offices of the Capital Gazette in Annapolis, MD, where a man with a longstanding grudge against the newspaper shot five of its employees to death in June.

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