‘Late Late Show’ Makes A ‘Halloween’ Murderer Out Of James Corden


Halloween’s Michael Myers finally speaks – and sounds a lot like James Corden. On CBS’ The Late Late Show last night, host Corden donned the old William Shatner rubber mask and sat for some very candid jailhouse interviews, a la Netflix’s Making a Murderer.

Breaking his “eerie silence” (as one seen-it-all sheriff describes it), Corden’s chatty killer launches in with, “Yeah, uhh, I don’t know where this whole he doesn’t talk thing came from.”

Like Murderer‘s Steven Avery before him, Myers denies his guilt, and adds that folks should just move on. “Yesterday’s gone, tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today,” he says, adding, “That’s Mother Teresa. One of my faves.”

But even maskface gets flustered when video evidence is presented (a cold-blooded clip from the first Halloween). “Yep, yep, yep, ok, that does look bad.”

But the killer is wearing a mask. “Could have been anyone. Could have been you,” Corden-as-Myers tells the interviewer. “What’s your alibi?” Wonder if she drinks beer?

By the end of the bit, other killer pals will demonstrate their support, from Jason “The Voormeister” Voorhies to Leatherface, Freddy and Chucky. Oh, and Michael finally lands a girlfriend.

“There’s like teenagers,” gushes Voorhies. “I could almost murder them down by the lake.”

Take a look at the video above.

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