Trevor Noah: Donald Trump “Wears Moral Bankruptcy On Sleeve” Defending Saudis

Comedy Central

“With midterm election less than three weeks away, we’re going to be seeing a lot more of” President Donald Trump, Trevor Noah warned his viewers.

In a slew of TV interviews, Trump doubled down on his disbelief that climate change is man-made, though he seems to have walked away from his “Chinese hoax” theory. Trump explained this week he has a natural instinct for science because an uncle was a professor at MIT, though they never discussed the topic.

The knowledge is “in his blood,” Noah translated, adding, “I think that’s cholesterol.”

But the question everyone is really after this week is whether Trump believes the Saudi royal family authorized the disappearance and likely murder of Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi.

As evidence piles up, Trump is reluctant to blame Saudi Arabia and, as many pundits suspect, it’s because of money. Turns out, Noah reveals, Trump also suspects it’s because of money, publicly touting that country’s weapons order in his defense of the Saudi royal family. Trump insists the order is the largest ever given by an outside country for U.S. weapons.

“Say what you want about Trump, but he wears his moral bankruptcy on his sleeve,” Noah marveled. “He straight up, like, ‘Look, I know Saudi Arabia killed a dude, but we all about the Benjamins, yo. These long ties don’t buy themselves, folks’.”

Other presidents have also had to make these types of calculations, Noah argued. “But he’s the only one who admits it.”

So eager is Trump to protect his possible weapons order that not only has he said he believes Saudi Arabia’s side of the story, “he’s also said that they are the real victims,” alleging that the Saudi royal family, like Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, is being presumed “guilty until proven innocent.” Because that worked well for Trump last time..

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