Donald Trump Asks “Who Cares?” About Elizabeth Warren’s DNA; Trevor Noah Answers

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UPDATE: It looks like Donald Trump can’t let this debate die. On Tuesday night, after his early morning bombardment of tweets at Sen. Elizabeth Warren concerning her Native American ancestry, he continued to come after her — because he’s Trump and it’s what he does.

“Elizabeth Warren is being hammered, even by the Left,” he wrote. “Her false claim of Indian heritage is only selling to VERY LOW I.Q. individuals!”

He fired off the tweet after posting two about immigration saying: “We have today informed the countries of Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador that if they allow their citizens, or others, to journey through their borders and up to the United States, with the intention of entering our country illegally, all payments made to them will STOP (END)!”

He added: “Anybody entering the United States illegally will be arrested and detained, prior to being sent back to their country!”

He followed up his Warren tweet with “Stock Market up 548 points today. Also, GREAT jobs numbers!”

Again, another great collection of coherent and cohesive tweets from the President of the United States.

PREVIOUS: President Donald Trump isn’t letting a little thing like DNA get in the way of his never-ending “Pocahontas” taunts against Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren, nor does he seem in any way inclined to break with his longstanding tradition of backing away from a debt.

“Who cares?” he asked yesterday when reporters told him of Warren’s DNA test results (yes, she has a trace of Native American ancestry in her family tree; no, it won’t be enough to convince Trump to make good on that $1 million pledge).

As for Who Cares?, The Daily Show‘s Trevor Noah has a pretty terrific response – watch it below – but first, a recap of the recent back-and-forths between Trump and Warren.

Following yesterday’s impromptu press conference, in which Trump gave his Who Cares? response to Warren’s just-announced DNA results, Warren quickly turned the president’s words into a fundraising move, a tweeted video called “This Is What Lying Looks Like.”

“Have some memory problems, @realDonald Trump? Should we call for a doctor?,” the tweet asks. “Here’s something you won’t ‘forget,’ Mr. President: You’re the least popular president in modern history & your allies will go down hard in the midterm elections. 22 days. Tick-tock, tick-tock.”

Check it out here:

That tweet was like chum, and today Trump swam right for it, once again calling Warren “Pocahontas” but this time adding “the bad version.”

And this:


Warren then pivoted to another type of disclosure – she called for Trump’s tax returns:

If it was all getting more than a little tedious, The Daily Show‘s Trevor Noah helped put it all in context. On last night’s show, Noah answered the “Who Cares?” question by speaking directly to the president.

“You care!,” Noah shouted (watch below). “It’s like the Kool-Aid Man saying, ‘I don’t actually care about Kool-Aid.’ No no no no no – you jumped through my f*uckin’ wall because you were that excited that I was maybe doing to drink Kool-Aid, and now I have to call a contractor to fix this sh*t. Oh, we’re drinking Kool-Aid, my friend, we’re drinking Kool-Aid.”

As for Warren’s ancestry, Noah offered even better proof than DNA. In light of  Trump’s broken $1 million pledge, Noah said, it seems a white man has made a promise to Warren “and then went back on what he said.”

“So I guess she really is Native American after all.”

Here is the Daily Show segment:

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