Stephen Colbert Re-Interviews Donald Trump For ’60 Minutes’

Stephen Colbert

UPDATED with video: Stephen Colbert turned Lesley Stahl’s interview with President Donald Trump –  in which POTUS snapped “I’m president and you’re not” among other idiotic remarks – into his interview with Donald Trump.

This time, it made perfect sense:

“Mr President, you’ve been president for two years,” Colbert began.

“There is something really terrible and disgusting about that,” Trump agreed.

“If you get rid of Jeff Sessions, who would you replace him with?” Colbert asked, hoping to make some news.

“Pillows and blankets,” Trump announced.

Colbert also wondered what Trump plans to do if it turns out the Saudi prince was behind the murder of Washington Post contributor Jamal Khashoggi.

“We’re going to get to the bottom of it and there will be severe punishment,” Trump responded.

“Is that another lie?” Colbert asked.

“Yeah,” Trump admitted.

“Are you ever going to tell the truth?” Colbert inquired.

“Don’t count on it,” POTUS advised.

“Your presidency hasn’t been a complete tragedy,” Colbert admitted. “Don Jr. and Eric are ridiculous.”

“They’re a laughing stock all over the world,” Trump admitted.

“Why do you think you get away with your unprecedented mountain of lies?” Colbert wondered.

“I’m president and you’re not,” Trump explained.

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