John Oliver Mocks Instagram Antics Of Mika Brzezinski, David Muir, Chris Cuomo On ‘Last Week Tonight’

John Oliver closed out his latest edition of Last Week Tonight mocking the Instagram antics of TV news talent, aka  “people who already have outlets to express themselves.”

“An adult asking you to follow them on social media gives the same vibe as a clown asking you to join him in a sewer,” Oliver observed,  after showing video of Fox News’ Jeanine Pirro and others doing just that.

“If you choose to follow news anchors on Instagram, a whole world of sad wonder awaits you,” Oliver promised.

Some favor the conventional, like CNN anchor Anderson Cooper, who likes to post photos of himself with his dog. Oliver explained that’s a lot like people who post pictures of their children “except other people enjoy it too.”

CBS’s John Dickerson also posts photos of himself with his dog, but in his photos “he always winds up looking like a serial killer,” Oliver described, accurately.

CNN’s don Lemon goes in a weirder direction, Oliver revealed, having “made a habit of posting not one, not two, but three different videos of fireplaces.”

Mika Brzezinski uses Instagram to showcase herself with her pet pig – “something she likes to show off to horrifying effect,” Oliver said. In one video, Mika is seen picking up her pig, who squeals with outrage.

“I never thought I would say this in a non-Joe Scarborough context, but, Mika, step away from the pig!” Oliver demanded.

The HBO late-night star acknowledged he understand the mistake: you go to pick up your pig and, to your surprise and embarrassment, the pig reacts to your embrace by “screaming like a banshee with a stubbed toe.”

“The key is you learn your lesson from it and you never ever do it again,” Oliver explained to MSNBC’s Morning Joe co-host.

In another video, Mika says she is “going to make a gif” after which she repeatedly picks up her piglet who squeals unhappily each time.

“What are you doing Mika? For a start, that’s now you a gif is made,” Oliver schooled. Plus, he added, they tend “not to be heavy on the pig torture.”

ABC’s David Muir uses Instagram to showcase himself “doing his best Blue Steel,” Oliver observed, then showed viewers some Muir photos:

“Here he is staring down a hurricane. Here he is posing on a plane. Here he is flexing on a plane. And here he waiting outside a restaurant, looking like Ross from Friends,” only “instead of falling in love with Rachel he fell in love with himself.”

“But the single greatest cable news Instagram-er – and I do not mean that as a compliment” is CNN’s Chris Cuomo, Oliver announced.

Cuomo is constantly posting video with “fun peaks” behind the scenes on his show. Many of these Cuomo’s cringe-inducing video seem to have been taken by “his poor, poor producer Rose,” including one in which Cuomo tells viewers “thank you for coming along for the ride,” then adds “not you, Rose, that’s your job” and blows many kisses.

“Congratulations everyone, I think we all just got to first base of sexual harassment with Chris Cuomo,” Oliver snarked.

Many more Cuomo videos show him lifting weights, sweating and grunting” though, in fairness, Oliver acknowledged the CNN host’s triceps are bigger than his entire body.

Cuomo’s Instagram posts reveal a guy desperate for approval, Oliver observed, nowhere more so than when he’s trying to whip up a following for his “let’s get after it” catchphrase.

Oliver, in turn, announced launch of a Last Week Tonight Instagram challenge, #letsnotgetafterit, for all of us who do not want to get after it in any shape or form because we’re tired.

In his latest on-air call to action, Oliver directed his viewers to take a picture of their body “functioning totally age appropriately” and showed a couple he’s posted to kick things off, including video of him catching his breath after going up some stairs, and of him not lifting an adorable pig “because the pig doesn’t like it.”

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