‘SNL’: Donald Trump Realizes That Kanye West Is The Black Version Of Himself During Oval Office Meeting

NBC via Twitter

Just two weeks after Kanye West appeared on Saturday Night Live serving up a heaping scoop of his pro-Donald Trump MAGA rhetoric, this week’s cold open — without missing a beat — addressed the meeting of the two minds at the Oval Office earlier this week and it was quite a revelatory moment of realization for Alec Baldwin’s Trump.

Joining Baldwin’s return as POTUS in this week’s sketch was Chris Redd as Kanye — or as he now likes to be called, “Ye” — as well as Kenan Thompson as NFL Hall of Famer Jim Brown. Right off the bat, we get treated to Baldwin’s usual Trump talk. His impression is both funny and gut-wrenching in that it reminds us that Baldwin’s impersonation isn’t too far from the truth and this man is really running our country.

But the star of the sketch was Redd with Yeezy-riffic, spot-on  Kanye, who, like the real-life rapper starts to go on a random stream of consciousness (just like he did earlier today). He talked about everything from being a prisoner in a different dimension, how the 13th amendment is a trap door and how he has a “high IQ” and how he “got the best words.”

It is here when Trump has an internal monologue saying that he is “cuckoo” and how he “doesn’t listen to anyone but himself.” He finally comes to a conclusion saying, “Oh my God! He’s the black me!”

All the while, Jim Brown is wondering what is going on with Kanye. “Oh my Lord! What have I gotten myself into?” he says in an internal monologue.  “I played football with a leather helmet and my brain is still working better than his!”

Kanye continues to rant about his MAGA hat making him feel like Superman and more thoughts on the 13th Amendment.

“Can someone be tri-polar?” Jim says internally.

The word vomit continues as Kanye spouts more philosophies: “And another thing to think about is that Hillary Clinton is not a man!”

Trump continues to talk to himself internally during Kanye’s meltdown: “This could be good for me — this guy makes Brett Kavanaugh look calm and collected.”

Kanye’s live fever dream continues as he talks about a new Air Force One design modeled after Wonder Woman’s Invisible Jet before going in for a hug with Trump. Jim says out loud, “Mental health is more of an issue in the black community than I thought.”

It ends with Trump telling Kanye that he loves him and that they have a lot in common: “We are both geniuses, we’re both married to beautiful women and we’ve both definitely been recorded saying the N-word.”

Watch the video above.

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