Donald Trump Damage Controls First Lady’s ABC Interview On ‘Fox and Friends’

Donald Trump
Chris Kleponis/Shutterstock

President Donald Trump moved quickly to do damage control on his wife’s ABC News interview in which she said there remain people inside the White House she does not trust.

In today’s phone in to his favorite morning show Fox & Friends, show hosts brought up the Melania Trump clip ABC aired this morning to plug Friday’s interview. In the clip, the First Lady said some of the people she told her husband not to trust were no longer at the White House, while some are still.

Trump attempted to dismiss the drama of her remarks, saying that used to be “more true” because, when he was elected he did not know people in Washington, seeming to suggest he took what he could get. But “now I know everybody…we have great people now working. There are some I’m not in love with and we will weed them out slowly.”

Additionally, Trump suggested that theĀ New York Times op-ed by “Anonymous” about the chaos in the White House was likely made up by NYT staffers.

“There is a chance…I don’t way it’s a big chance but there is a very good chance it was written by the Times…I wouldn’t be surprised because the Times is totally corrupt and dishonest.”

NYT identified the author as a senior member of Trump’s staff and is part of an inside resistance trying to keep Trump’s worst instincts in check.

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