Rally-Bound Donald Trump Tweets Show Must Go On As Historic Hurricane Slams South

Donald Trump
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Heading out for yet another rally, this one in Erie, Pennsylvania, President Donald Trump acknowledged the possibly bad optics of staging another base-baiting performance on same day Hurricane Michael hit land with record-breaking force.

“I can’t disappoint thousands of people that are there – and the thousands that are going,” Trump tweeted. “I look forward to seeing everyone this evening.”

Trump got asked about those optics in the afternoon at a White House ceremony.

“I hear they have thousands of people lined up, and so we are in a little bit of a quagmire,” Trump acknowledged.

“They have gotten there, some people…got there last night. So we will probably go because what are you going to do?” asked the President of the United States. “Tell thousands of people, they’ve been waiting there all night, that we’re not coming? That’s not fair either.”

Hours earlier, Trump took a moment to tweet-plain that New York Times had not put its report on his Tuesday made-for-TV re-swearing in of Kavanaugh, at which Trump apologized on behalf of the nation for the behavior of Dems and Christine Blasey Ford at his confirmation hearing. Trump also announced Kavanaugh had been “proven innocent” of Ford’s sexual assault allegation.

“Despite so many positive events and victories, Media Research Center reports that 92% of stories on Donald Trump are negative on ABC, CBS and ABC. It is FAKE NEWS!” Trump tweeted, apparently undie-bunched over ABC.

“Don’t worry, the Failing New York Times didn’t even put the Brett Kavanaugh victory on the Front Page yesterday – A17!” Trump tweet-plained.

The vote that led to Kavanaugh’s “victory” was held Saturday, which was widely covered by various media outlets, including NYT, as well as Kavanaugh’s swearing in that day.


Donald Trump’s tweets:

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