Ex-Doc David Tennant Diagnoses Latest ‘Doctor Who’ As “Exciting”

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David Tennant was among the millions who caught Jodie Whittaker’s first full Doctor Who episode last night, and apparently being an ex-Doctor and knowing the behind-the-cameras tricks didn’t provide any emotional distance.

“It’s very exciting,” Tennant tells SiriusXM hosts Jessica Shaw and Dalton Ross (listen above). “It’s very exciting as a fan, as someone who grew up watching Doctor Who.” Five minutes into the episode, Tenant said, he’d all but forgotten his friendships with Whittaker and exec producer Chris Chibnall and must got caught up in the fun of the show.

Tennant was at New York Comic Con over the weekend, and though he laments the fact that he can’t wander around unnoticed, he sees the annual NYC gathering as a victory of sorts.

“I grew up as a fan of comic books,” he says, adding, “this is the victory, the geek has inherited the earth. As a geek myself, this is everything I hid as a child, everything that I was ashamed about is now at the forefront of popular culture. It’s a huge celebration of the Other. I love it.”

The first episode of the new Doctor Who season drew 8.2M viewers and a 40.1% share for BBC One in the UK.

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