President Donald Trump: Sen. Dianne Feinstein Was “Leaking The Papers” In Kavanaugh Controversy

Donald Trump

President Donald Trump doubled down on his attacks on Democrats tonight, accusing Sen. Dianne Feinstein of California of “leaking the papers” involved in the accusations against nominee turned Supreme Court Associate Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

Speaking via phone to Jeanine Pirro on Fox News Channel’s Justice With Judge Jeanine as he flew back from a Kansas rally to Washington, Trump kept up on his criticisms of the senators that opposed Kavanaugh.

“What they did was disgraceful,” Trump said. “What the Democrats did –- and you saw that group, with Blumenthal, who falsified his service in Vietnam, and a terrible mayor of Newark, New Jersey, Cory Booker. You know, the whole group.  And Dianne Feinstein, who, in my opinion, leaked the papers.  It was terrible what was happening.  It was very unfair.”

Trump said it was “my honor” to stick with Kavanaugh’s nomination when told that many would have moved on once accusations flew.

“Well, for one thing, it wouldn’t have been fair to him, if you think about it,” said Trump. “He’s a highly respected man. What the Democrats did was disgraceful.  These things happened that came out of the wind.  There was no corroboration.  This was no anything, Jeanine.  This a high-quality, brilliant man.  He will be a phenomenal Supreme Court justice.  It was my honor to stick.  And I know that, a lot of people told me that.  They said, well, we’ll switch.  You will never get anybody like this.  This is a very, very outstanding person and individual with an incredible family and it would have been very unfair to him.” 

Pirro told Trump that the Washington Post said Trump’s criticisms of Christine Blasey Ford was part of a turnaround that eventually rescued Kavanaugh’s floundering nomination.   

“Well, I think it was a very important moment.  It was a great big turning point, as the “Washington Post” was actually, shockingly, they said something that was very positive.  I’m proud of it because we have a very — we are going to have a great, great justice of the Supreme Court for many years.  I fought hard to make sure that he got on.  You will see what happens.  You will see how great he’ll be and will become.  I have no doubt about it at all.” 

Trump was asked whether the people making “falsehoods,” particularly attorney Michael Avenatti, who claimed to have a third Kavanaugh accuser, should face charges. He is also the attorney for stripper Stormy Daniels, who is embroiled in a legal battle with Trump.

 “Well, he made false accusations about me on another matter, totally false.  It’s a joke when — just a disgrace that they are able to do it.  I would love to see our libel laws get toughened up so you can take people and sue them. But he based the same thing, totally false statements.  You look at what happened.  And, yes, I think they should be held libel.  I would say they should be held to the highest standard.  You can’t go around, and whether it’s making up stories or making false statements about such an important position, you can’t do that.  You destroy somebody’s life.”

Democrats “overplayed their hand,” Trump said. “I think they were very dishonest with the leak and other things that they did.  Even look at the lawyers representing certain people.  They are right out of the Democrat playbook.  They represented others that are Democrats.  That’s what they do.  How did they end up with all these lawyers that are always the same ones?  I won’t even go into names.  But I think they overplayed their hand.”


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