President Trump Takes Off The Gloves Against “Radical Democrats”

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Fresh off a triumphant victory on his Supreme Court nominee’s confirmation, President Donald Trump was on the attack against Democrats at a rally in Topeka, Kansas on Saturday evening at the Kansas Expocentre.

Trump was in the state stumping for Republican gubernatorial candidate Kris Kobach, the state’s attorney general, and Congressional candidate Steve Watkins. Although he was relatively restrained in his prior comments on the Kavanaugh confirmation, he now told the crowd what he really felt about the nomination process.

Labeling the Democrats as “radical Democrats” in what may be his new marketing phrase for the opposition, Trump crowed to the crowd that he stood before them “on the heels of a tremendous victory,” and announced he had signed the judge’s commission on Air Force 1 on the way to the event. He added that he would formally swear in Brett Kavanaugh at a White House ceremony on Monday evening.

Trump thanked Republican Senators for “refusing to back down” in the face of the “shameless campaign of political and personal destruction” against Kavanaugh. “From the moment we announced, radical Democrats sough to resist, obstruct, delay, demolish, and destroy,” Trump said.

He praised Kavanaugh’s “great character and intellect,” calling him a “totally brilliant scholar, loving husband and devoted father and faithful public servant, and he always has been.”

Trump added: “What he and his wonderful family endured at the hands of Democrats is unthinkable. In their quest for power, the radical Democrats have turned into an angry mob.”  Trump said, “They threw away every notion of fairness and justice, of decency and due process.”

Trump warned the boisterous crowd in Kansas that they would have their chance to “stop the radical Democrats, and that’s what they’ve become. You see the profound stakes. If Democrats are willing to cause such destruction in the pursuit of power, just imagine the destruction they would cause if ever obtained the power they crave.”

Trump added there more Supreme Court vacancies may be looming, and Democrat opposition can cause things to change very fast. “We can’t let that happen. You don’t hand matches to an arsonist, and you don’t hand power to any angry, left-wing mob. And that’s what they’ve become. They have become too extreme.”

He concluded, “We’re draining the swamp and want to beat the Democrats conclusively.”


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