Melania Trump Says Kavanaugh Is “Highly Qualified”; “Doesn’t Always Agree” With POTUS Tweets

Carolyn Kaster/Shutterstock

At the end of her solo trip to Africa, Melania Trump spoke to reporters in Egypt about numerous topics outside of her fashion choices. The timely topic of Brett Kavanaugh came up (the interview happened before he was confirmed) and her Donald Trump’s tweeting habits.

But before reporters dug into that, she was asked about her husband calling African countries “shitholes”, saying “I never heard him saying those comments.”

In regards to Kavanaugh and the sexual assault accusations surrounding him, she said that she was glad that boh Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and he were heard and that the FBI investigation was conducted. She added that she is glad that the Senate voted, keeping her answers very general. But when asked if she believed Dr. Ford, she said: “I will move on that.”

When the topic of POTUS’s itchy Twitter fingers came up, she said, “I don’t always agree  [with] what he tweets and I tell him that.” She added, “I give him my honest opinion and honest advice. Sometimes he listens, sometimes he doesn’t. I have my own voice and my opinions and it’s very important to me that I express how I feel.”

When asked if she has ever told him to put his phone down, she answered, “Yes!”

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