WGA West Responds To Gov. Jerry Brown Signing “Landmark” Net Neutrality Law

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Shortly after Gov. Jerry Brown signed the country’s strongest law that restores Obama-era open-internet rules in the state of California, the Writers Guild of America West praised his decision.

WGA West
WGA West

“We applaud Governor Brown and the California Legislature for once again proving that if our federal government fails to protect its citizens, California will step in and lead the way,” said the WGA West in a statement given to Deadline. “Once enacted, this landmark net neutrality legislation will serve as a model for states nationwide to follow.”

“The Internet today is where we connect, where we organize and speak freely, and where we can choose what content we consume,” they continued. “With increasing attacks on our First Amendment rights and widespread corporate concentration, preserving an open Internet free from ISP interference is more important now than ever.”

California Internet Consumer Protection and Net Neutrality Act of 2018 — also known as SB 822 — forbids internet providers from blocking legal websites, intentionally slowing down internet traffic or demanding fees for faster service.

The law is in opposition to the Federal Communications Commission, which earlier this year dismantled the landmark net neutrality rules that ensured equal access to the internet. That said, the Trump administration reacted. Senior Justice Department officials told The Washington Post that they plan to sue California, arguing that the federal government — not the states — have the right to regulate net neutrality.


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