MAGA Hat-Sporting Kanye West Booed For Pro-Trump Remarks On ‘SNL’

UPDATE: Kanye tweeted a message of “love” with a photo of him wearing the MAGA cap suggesting that we abolish the 13th amendment.

“This represents good and America becoming whole again,” he said. “We will no longer outsource to other countries. We build factories here in America and create jobs. We will provide jobs for all who are free from prisons as we abolish the 13th amendment. Message sent with love.”

PREVIOUS: Kanye West performed three times on the season premiere of NBC’s Saturday Night Live, but his clothes appeared to upstage his songs — at least until the end. The rapper, who has been outspoken about his support fort President Donald Trump, first appeared as a Perrier bottle but later hit the stage with MAGA hat.

During his show-ending performance of “Ghost Town,” West delivered a sort of stump speech that reiterated his backing of POTUS 45 and that he plans to run for president in 2020. “It’s so many times that I talk to a white person about this, and they say, ‘How could you support Trump? He’s racist.’ Well, if I was concerned about racism, I would have moved out of America a long time ago. We don’t just make our decisions off of racism. I’ma break it down to you right now: If someone inspires me and I connect with them, I don’t have to believe in all they policies.”

There was a smattering a boos. A few in the audience even laughed at some of West’s words.

After awhile he turned to the band and backup folks and said: “Thank y’all for giving me this platform. I know some of y’all don’t agree. … Ninety percent of news are liberal — TV, L.A., New York, writiers, rappers, musicians, so it’s easy to seem like it’s so, so, so one-sided.”

At that point. Studio H was silent as the crowds, crew and players drank it all in. Have a look below:

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