Donald Trump Praises Brett Kavanaugh Accuser Christine Blasey: “Looks Like A Very Fine Woman To Me”


“I thought [Christine Blasey Ford’s] testimony was very compelling; she looks like a very fine women to me, a very fine woman,” President Donald Trump told reporters at a White House photo op with Chile’s President Sebastian Pinera on Friday.

Meanwhile, the testimony of the man Ford alleges sexually assaulted her in high school was “really something that I haven’t seen before,” Trump added, calling it “an incredible moment in the history of our country.”

Ford, however, was “very good in many respects” during her testimony, Trump reiterated, adding, “I think it will work out very well for the country, and “if that happens, I’m happy.”

Asked if he has been thinking about a Kavanaugh replacement, should the vote on the Senate floor not go his way, Trump responded, “not even a little bit.”

He said he will be “totally reliant” on Senate Judiciary Committee chairman Sen. Chuck Grassley and “the group”  as to how to move forward.

Today’s was a “positive vote” he said, “but there seems to be some delay,” POTUS said.

The Senate Judiciary Committee this afternoon voted to take Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Senate for a full vote. But Arizona’s GOP Sen. Jeff Flake made clear he would not be comfortable with that vote until the FBI conducted an investigation into Ford’s allegations.  Sens. Lisa Murkowski and Joe Manchin reportedly also are advocating for delay on the full-Senate vote until an FBI probe can happen.

It’s up to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell whether to bring Kavanaugh’s nomination to the floor immediately, Trump said.

“They have to do what they think is right; they have to be comfortable with themselves,” he added.


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