“Bonkers” Ex-Trump Aide Shouts “Enough! Enough!” On CNN’s ‘AC360’


Had it not been for Donald Trump smearing George Washington on live TV yesterday, former Trump aide Michael Caputo might well have taken Meltdown of the Day honors. “Enough! Enough!” he loudly interrupted a fellow panelist on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360° during a discussion of the latest sexual assault allegation against Brett Kavanaugh. “I don’t get invited on here to be called out by you like this!”

Watch the exchange below.

Doing the calling out — as Caputo, a frequent Trump surrogate on CNN, saw it — was USA Today columnist Kirsten Powers. Caputo had started off by asking why accuser Julie Swetnick was attending high school parties when she was a sophomore in college. Why would she wait until now to come forward?

“Yeah,” added a sarcastic Jeffrey Toobin, “and why do these women wear short skirts — aren’t they just asking for it?”

Powers then did indeed call out Caputo’s “tactic of attacking a very young woman.”

The 1980s, Powers said, “was a time when women simply were not believed and everybody sounded like Donald Trump and Michael Caputo. So if you’re going to ask why women didn’t come forward, Michael, that’s your answer — just listen to yourself.” When Caputo began to interrupt Powers by noting that he was the father of two daughters, the USA Today columnist said, “I listened to you ranting and raving for two segments; now you can listen to me.”

“You don’t call me out like that on national television!” Caputo said. After insisting that the discussion had turned “inappropriate,” Caputo said: “Here’s the downside. From now on, every mother of sons, every grandmother of grandsons has to fear for the future of their boys because of people like you, who sit here and take uncorroborated testimony, uncorroborated allegations against a decent man and ruin him because it gets you ratings.”

Replied Powers: “That’s bonkers. Like, literally insane.”

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