Brett Kavanaugh Interview Lands Martha MacCallum’s Biggest Ever ‘The Story’ Crowd, Topping Cable News

Fox News Channel

Martha MacCallum’s exclusive, headline grabbing interview with President Donald Trump’s second Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanagh nabbed her biggest ever The Story crowd – 3.6 million viewers.

MacCallum topped cable news for the night in total viewers, outscoring Sean Hannity’s 3.27 million viewers and Tucker Carlson’s 3.205M on Fox News Channel, as well as Rachel Maddow’s 3.117M on MSNBC.

In the news demo, MacCallum’s 610K viewers gave her a third place finish, spitting distance from Maddow’s 660K, and Tucker Carlson’s 626K among 25-54 year olds.

For comparison, McCallum is averaging 1.9 million total viewers and 373K viewers in the 25-54 age bracket in Q3. Her previous ratings-best for her Fox News Channel program happened on October 2, 2017, immediately after the Las Vegas concert shooting, when The Story snared 3.472 million viewers, 926K of them in the news demo.

Kavanaugh took to MacCallum’s program to deny Christine Ford’s allegations Kavanaugh locked her in a room at a party while a student at Georgetown Prep, tried to pull off her clothes and covered her mouth when she screamed. And Kavanaugh’s Yale classmate Deborah Ramirez alleges Kavanaugh exposed himself and thrust his penis in her face during a dorm party drinking game.

Denying both claims, Kavanaugh thought it relevant to tell MacCallum “I did not have sexual intercourse or anything close to sexual intercourse in high school or for many years thereafter.”

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