Netflix Sets ‘Terrorism Close Calls’ Investigative Series For Fall Premiere


Netflix has set Terrorism Close Calls, a ten-part investigative series from Big Media, for premiere October 26 on the Internet TV network.

The series probes the world’s deadliest terror plots with exclusive access to the agents involved in disrupting them as well as leading national and international authorities on counter-terrorism, intelligence, and law enforcement, according to producers.

Terrorism Close Calls investigates ten terror plots including a planned attack on the New York City subway system under Big Media’s original offices in 2009, a 2006 plot to blow up seven jumbo jets as they flew over the eastern United States, and a domestic terrorist set to kill and maim hundreds at a Martin Luther King Jr. Day Parade. International incidents are also uncovered, including plots planned for Germany, Israel and Australia. Each episode showcases the plots that were disrupted through surveillance, intelligence sharing, infiltration, and most critically through the work of the courageous agents, counter-terrorism experts and every day citizens who helped stop them.

“Everyone hears about terrorism plots that succeed, but the success of our intelligence and law enforcement agencies are far more impressive,” says Jon Loew, Big Media’s Chairman and an Executive Producer of Terrorism Close Calls. “With this series we wanted to shed light on the terrible events that could have been and the great people responsible for stopping them.”

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