Stephen Colbert Grills Hillary Clinton On Mueller Probe Parameters


Stephen Colbert asked Hillary Clinton about the debate over whether the president can be subject to a criminal investigation.

“Can he be indicted?” Colbert asked the Dem candidate who got beat by President Donald Trump, in the Late Show interview.

It depends on whether the misdeed for which he is being investigated happened before he got into office, she answered.

Colbert seemed to think she was saying Trump could not be indicted for Russian rannygazoo before being elected, and was disappointed.

“No, no; if you’re not president and you committed a crime, you should be able to be indicted,” Clinton corrected.

“Don’t clap yet!” Colbert told his audience when they began to show approval for her Clinton clarification. He seemed to want assurance Trump could be indicted for actions while in the White House.

That’ a tougher question, Clinton explained. The Constitution “has a specific remedy” for that, “which is impeachment,” she said.

A clearly agitated Colbert wanted to know if a sitting president could be subpoenaed in a criminal investigation.

“Yes – the Supreme Court has decided that,” Clinton answered pointedly.

“Okay – you don’t have to yell,” Colbert shot back, strangely, though it got a laugh.

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