Joe Biden Back In The Hollywood Money With Jeffrey Katzenberg-Hosted Soiree

Joe Biden Jeffrey Katzenberg

Joe Biden isn’t officially running for President again, but if and when the former Vice President does throw his hat in the 2020 ring, you can bet he’ll be hitting up Jeffrey Katzenberg for some cash – just like he is next month.

As midterm campaigns heat up and Barack Obama and more heavyweights for the Democrats hit the trail, Biden is coming back October 3 to the Hollywood fundraising circuit he knows so well.

With opening tickets going for $5,000 a pop, the deep-ish pocket event in Beverly Hills will be hosted by the ex-DreamWorks Animation chief and his political consigliere Andy Spahn. Unlike many a past pricey shindig of this nature, however, there is no invite this time. Instead, guests are being invited to join and pay up via phone calls and emails.

The dough from the gala will go to Biden’s PAC, American Possibilities. The group, no surprise, backs Democratic candidates and causes.

Heading into the final stretch of the Dems’ attempt to take back the House of Representatives and maybe even the Senate, expect to see more marquee names hitting up big Hollywood donors for a last injection of cash.

Of course, for those of us who can’t just drop $5K like the big players in town, you can see the 75-year-old Biden on his new IGTV series Here’s the Deal. The 10-episode show, produced by ATTN:, will tackle issues confronting voters this November, such as immigration. The show premiered September 12 and is on every Wednesday. After an exclusive 24-hour window on IGTV, episodes will be distributed on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

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