President Donald Trump Tweetstorm – The Sunday Edition

Donald Trump
Shawn Thew/Shutterstock

It’s Sunday morning, time for coffee, a bagel, and the morning news. President Donald Trump may not be partaking of the first two, but he’s definitely watching the news.

The Commander-in-Tweet gave a shout-out to Maria Bartiromo of Fox’s Sunday Morning Futures show on Fox for backing up his earlier tweet on the Robert Mueller witch hunt. “This show is MANDATORY watching if you want to understand the massive governmental corruption and the Russian hoax,” tweeted the president.

He later retweeted another Fox News interview with Congressman Devin Nunes, who wants to declassify interviews on what led to the Mueller/Russia probe.

So far, the Sunday Twitter output has been light from the normally voluble President, perhaps owing to some late output on Saturday. We’ll keep you updated as the pace picks up.

The tweets:

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