‘The Nun’ Raps ‘The Predator’s Knuckles; ‘Meg’ & ‘Hotel Transylvania 3’ Sail Past $500M WW – International Box Office

Warner Bros., 20th Century Fox

UPDATE, writethru: Warner Bros/New Line’s The Nun conjured a $33.1M second weekend in 62 markets to come in tops again at the international box office. That’s a 58% drop from her record-breaking opening and brings the offshore cume to $143.6M for $228.7M global. Fox’s new entry, The Predator, faced off with the evil sister in some overlap play and overall landed $30.73M. The Nun is currently in about 74% of the international footprint while The Predator is in 55%.

The Predator came in below industry estimates we were hearing before the weekend which had $40M at the low end of the range. I hear Fox had it around $35M-$37M. The underwhelming start owes something to The Nun lording over it with a strong sophomore session in several markets including Brazil, Spain, Germany and Indonesia.

In total, the reboot stalked into 72 markets on 12,121 screens this frame and saw No. 1s in 25 debuts including Russia which leads at $4.73M (The Nun has not yet blessed Russia with her presence). The starts in most markets are better than the previous Predator films, but there have been vast changes in the offshore landscape since. The R-rated sci-fi The Predator comes eight years after 2010’s Predators which did best in a combination of Japan, the UK, Russia, Australia and Germany, finaling with $75M.

This movie had decent debuts in some of the emerging South East Asian markets and appears a likely candidate for a China date which could help top it up some. The international junket on the movie was held in Madrid before the recent Toronto Film Festival slot, and there’s more publicity activity scheduled in France where the Shane Black-directed title has yet to bow. Also still to come are Italy and Mexico. But there is a heavy price tag here at a reported $88M, plus an estimated $120M global P&A.

The Nun, meanwhile, is No. 1 in 36 hubs this frame (although WB and Fox are each calling No. 1 in the UK, the latter including previews). After two weekends, the Corin Hardy-directed Nun is the highest-grossing title in the Conjuring universe in 18 markets and is the top WB title of 2018 in 19. Next weekend, The Nun takes vows in France, Korea, Russia, Italy and Japan.

The Meg
Warner Bros/Shutterstock
Elsewhere, there were notable milestones crossed this session. They include a pair of pics passing $500M worldwide. WB/Gravity Pictures’ The Meg has $505.3M in its maw through Sunday, in a great result for the China co-production that surprised by taking a big bite out of summer and is on its way to a tidy profit, per our finance sources. Ditto Sony’s Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation which was an efficiently budgeted and smooth sailor throughout summer, ultimately becoming Sony’s biggest animated film of all time globally. Through Sunday, it’s taken $503.1M.

And, also as expected, Disney/Marvel’s Ant-Man And The Wasp buzzed across $400M internationally, becoming the 14th MCU title to do so. Overall, The Walt Disney Studios 2018 global box office has now surpassed that of 2017 with $6,468.1M through today. This is the 2nd biggest year in the studio’s history.

Meanwhile, Universal’s Johnny English Strikes Again started offshore rollout in staggered release as did Lionsgate’s A Simple Favor.

Next week brings Universal/Amblin’s The House With A Clock In Its Walls to such markets as the UK, Germany and Brazil. IMAX will open it on 482 screens in 12 markets with Michael Jackson’s Thriller 3D playing in select UK theaters ahead of the feature. In China, the Jackie Chan-exec produced Golden Job will also have the IMAX network behind it. And in about 200 Dadi Cinemas in the Middle Kingdom, last year’s blockbuster Wolf Warrior 2 is getting a one-month re-release.

Breakdowns on this week’s films have been updated below.


20th Century Fox
Fox’s Shane Black-directed reboot of the Predator franchise opened in 72 markets for 55% of the international footprint. The bow came in lower than projections with $30.73M. Pre-weekend estimates had it at $40M on the low end; Fox is understood to have pegged it between $35M-$37M. In all, there were No. 1s in 25 hubs per Fox.

While an inauspicious debut, there is play ahead in Argentina, Mexico, Belgium, France, Italy and a China date likely to come. The Predator wisely did not stake out some of the Latin American markets this session given the presence of The Nun. However, it did go into Brazil, bowing to $1.32M on 770 screens for No. 2 behind the evil sister.

The best play was Russia at $4.73M on 1,307 screens for a solid No. 1. The UK slashed $3.1M on 780. That includes previews which would put it over The Nun for the top spot. Japan bowed at No. 2 with $2.14M on 432. The previous installment, 2010’s Predators, ended its run with $75M overseas (this is in the pre-China boom days) and with a mix of Japan, the UK, Russia, Australia and Germany in the Top 5. A more recent comp would be Alien: Covenant which performed best in China and ended its run with about $167M offshore. Covenant did 69% of its business offshore, Predators did 59%.

In other openings, Australia launched at $1.73M including previews at No. 2; followed by Indonesia ($1.4M/434/No. 3), Brazil, Spain ($1.28M/405/No. 2), Korea ($1.22M/582/No. 4), Germany ($1.22M/912/No. 2) and Thailand ($1.1M/492/No. 1). Hong Kong also had a start at No. 1 with $948K on 74.

In IMAX play, The Predator earned $4.7M on 696 screens, globally.


Lionsgate and its overseas partners are rolling out the Anna Kendrick/Blake Lively noir comedy in a staggered offshore release that began with Australia and 27 smaller markets this session for $3.5M. Oz was the top play for the Paul Feig-directed pic about a mommy blogger (Kendrick) who seeks to uncover the truth behind the sudden disappearance of her new best friend Emily (Lively). Following the campaign launch in May and a canny Missing Person social media stunt, the movie screened for European exhibitors at CineEurope where Feig introduced it.

The first European market to go will be the UK next weekend, followed by France the following frame along with Brazil, Mexico and Spain. Further play continues into November with Germany on the 8th.

This weekend, Australia grossed $1.5M from 207 locations and $447K in previews from last weekend. The Middle East opened to $316K, followed by New Zealand ($180K), Taiwan ($152K) and the Philippines ($124K).


Universal/Focus’ return to the bumbling spy franchise bowed to $3.3M in 6 markets this session, led by Malaysia, Mexico and Colombia. Rollout begins in earnest next weekend with 27 more hubs followed by key major the UK on October 5, working as counterprogramming to A Star Is Born.

Rowan Atkinson reprises his eponymous role as he’s forced out of retirement following a cyber-attack that reveals the identity of all of the active undercover agents in Britain. Hysterical extended footage of Atkinson in a VR experience was shown at CineEurope.

The previous two films have made a bundle from overseas. Johnny English Reborn did nearly 95% of its business offshore in 2011 and the 2003 original did 82.5%. The UK naturally is the major here while the earlier movies also did strong business in Australia and Germany, typical for English-language comedy.

This weekend, Malaysia opened at No. 1 with $1.89M from 144 locations to score the best start for Atkinson and topping Kingsman, Spy, Baywatch, Hitman’s Bodyguard and Johnny English Reborn. Mexico bowed at No. 2 with $1.06M at 769 sites. It’s the best start for the franchise (and also for Atkinson’s Mr Bean movies) as well as topping Jack Reacher and Hitman’s Bodyguard. At 180 sites in Colombia, the gross was $257K for a launch above the previous film, Hitman’s Bodyguard and Spy.


New Line
Warner Bros/New Line’s The Nun said Amen again at the international box office with a 58% drop from opening to repeat the No. 1 spot on the overseas chart. Another $33.1M in 62 markets takes the offshore total is $143.6M for $228.7M worldwide.

The latest entry in the Conjuring universe added two hubs this session including Belgium with a No. 1 of $1.35M on 120 screens and the best start for the series.

Overall, there were 36 No. 1s this session including in all Latin American markets, Germany, Spain, Holland, Indonesia and the Philippines. After two frames, this is the top Conjuring pic in 18 markets including Romania, Spain, Ukraine, the UAE, Indonesia and Brazil. It’s also the top WB title of the year in 19, including Poland, India, Indonesia, the Philippines, Argentina and Brazil.

Brazil was the big holdover at $3.5M on 1,266 screens for a $12.6M cume. Mexico followed with $3.3M on 2,600 to lead all play at a $17M running total. The UK conjured $2.3M on 637 for $9.8M to date while Spain ($1.9M/361/$7.5M cume) and Germany ($1.7M/472/$5M) round out the Top 5 for the frame.

Also notable, Indonesia added $1.42M on 586 screens to lift its cume to $12.7M. It is now the highest grossing Warner Bros movie of all time in the market, taking over from Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice. India saw a sizable drop, but is currently the No. 5 market overall at $8M.

Next weekend, The Nun heads to France, Korea, Russia, Italy and Japan.


Paramount/Skydance’s Mission: Impossible – Fallout leaped for another $15.9M in 57 markets this session, led by China with $12.6M in the 3rd frame. The offshore cume is now $544.8M – 22% above Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation. The worldwide total is $761M through Sunday.

In China, the cume is $162.3M, coming in 2nd this session behind local pic L Storm. Play continues in the 8th weekend in the UK with $31.2M to date. After 7 frames, the totals in Japan, France and Germany are $41.1M, $26.4M and $15.2M, respectively. Italy’s 3rd session brings the Tom Cruise-starrer to $5.4M.

IMAX has now cleared $51M globally, including $14M in China.


Warner Bros.
The Warner Bros romcom opened notably in Indonesia and the UK this session. In the former, the non-traditional Tuesday bow capitalized on the Islam New Year holiday with $2.1M to outgross the lifetimes of all comps. In the latter, the $2M start on 670 screens was good for No. 3 and landed above the launch of all comps.

Overall, CRA added $7.3M in 29 markets for a running overseas cume of $37.9M.

The Top 5 hubs so far are Australia ($12.2M/No. 1 for the 3rd consecutive weekend), Singapore ($4.7M), the Philippines ($3.2M), Indonesia ($2.1M) and the UK ($2M).

Mexico opens next weekend followed by Japan on September 28. As we detailed here, the jury is still out on a China release.


The Meg
Warner Bros/Shutterstock
Warner Bros/Gravity Pictures’ prehistoric shark tale has become a $500M+ chomper at the worldwide box office. With $6.1M in the session in 64 markets, the international total is now $368.2M for $505.3M global. The summer popcorn pic is looking at a roughly $75M profit per our finance sources, thanks in part to the co-production status it enjoys in the Middle Kingdom. The main play this frame was Japan which dropped just 38% for a running cume of $7.3M.

Here are the Top 5 hubs: China ($153M), Mexico ($20.3M), the UK ($19.9M), Russia ($13.5M) and Spain ($11.9M).


Sony’s thriller continues to impress in Korea where it has now cumed $19.3M after dropping just 31% there. In total, the weekend found $6M in 17 markets and has a running offshore tally of $26.2M. The holdover hubs were down 35%. Still to come are Germany, Brazil and Mexico this weekend, followed by Russia and Spain later in the month. Italy and Japan open in October.

The Studio 8 production grossed $3.5M in 42 Sony markets to lift the offshore cume to $34.1M. In China, the weekend wolfed down another $1.6M to bring the total there to $15.3M.


Working his Tao, Pooh and the gang added another $5M in 30 markets during this 7th session. The international cume is now $58.7M with $153.7M worldwide. Japan opened to $3.5M as the No. 1 Western release and Australia bowed to $1.6M including previews. The UK leads all play at $16.9M, followed by Mexico ($5.2M), Russia ($4.1M), Japan ($3.5M) and Germany ($3.1M). Still to come are Korea, Spain and France in October.


The Equalizer 2 (SNY): $4.2M intl weekend (50 markets); $78.4M intl cume
Incredibles 2 (DIS): $3.6M intl weekend (25 markets); $577.8M intl cume
Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation (SNY): $3.3M intl weekend (61 markets); $337.8M intl cume – tops $500M WW with $503.1M
Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again (UNI): $3.3M intl weekend (52 markets); $263.3M intl cume
BlackKklansman (UNI): $2.5M intl weekend (24 markets); $26.2M intl cume (France tops Three Billboards, UK tops Silver Linings Playbook)
Ant-Man And The Wasp (DIS): $2.3M intl weekend (16 markets); $401.6M intl cume ($617M WW)
Mile 22 (STX): $1.9M intl weekend (49 markets); $21M intl cume
Peppermint (STX): $1.8M intl weekend (24 markets); $3.9M intl cume
Teen Titans Go! To The Movies (WB): $1.7M intl weekend (27 markets); $19M intl cume
Everybody Knows (UNI): $906K intl weekend (Spain only – best start for Asghar Farhadi)
Upgrade (UNI): $500K intl weekend (8 markets); $2.4M intl cume
Adrift (STX): $404K intl weekend (65 markets); $26.5M intl cume
Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (UNI): $300K intl weekend (22 markets/Japan now $72M); $886.9M intl cume
Pope Francis: A Man Of His Word (UNI): $200K intl weekend (3 markets); $5.3M intl cume
The Happytime Murders (STX): $170K intl weekend (31 markets); $4.2M intl cume
The First Purge (UNI): $100K intl weekend (19 markets); $66.4M intl cume


Hong Kong crime thriller L Storm bowed in China this weekend, taking an estimated $29.8M locally and $32.2M across three markets for a cume of $35M worldwide thus far per comScore. Directed by David Lam, the movie stars Louis Koo as an anti-corruption investigator who’s framed in a money laundering scheme.

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