‘South Park’ Teaser: Comedy Central Stalwart Demands Own Cancellation

South Park Studios/YouTube

What better way to stir up the fan base than rumors of cancellation? Comedy Central’s South Park took that route today, a sly wink at the post-Roseanne landscape.

In a new 15-second, mock-somber teaser, South Park plugs its upcoming 22nd season with a serious-sounding narrator intoning, “America has reached a crossroads. What will we do next?”

Then the black screen fills with the message “#cancelsouthpark.”

And yes, Twitter responded, with the South Park page retweeting some of the more vicious messages. (See them below).

“What the f*ck is going on?,” tweeted someone with a butterfly emoji in her name.

“That’s awesome!,” responded South Park.

“If they cancel South Park I will riot,” tweeted fatjerk.

“That’s sweet!” responded South Park.

There’s not much chance of Comedy Central following through on the suggestion, though. The Trey Parker-Matt Stone ‘toon has already been renewed for a 23rd season.

South Park returns to Comedy Central with new episodes on Sept. 26. Check out the teaser above, and read some tweets below…

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