Olivia Munn Talks On ‘Ellen’ About Her Scene With Sex Offender Being Cut From ‘The Predator’

Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.

Olivia Munn has been taking some flak — and earning some praise — for calling out an actor in her new film who is a registered sex offender and getting his scene relegated to the cutting-room floor. She appeared on Ellen this morning to give her side of the story. Watch the interview above.

Host Ellen DeGeneres teed up the conversation thusly: “So you were in this movie The Predator,” she begins, “and you found out that the director [Shane Black] hired his friend to play a guy that was hitting on you who actually turned out to be a registered sex offender. … So you spoke out about it, and now people are not supporting you.”

The Predator
20th Century Fox

The actress responds: “The public on social media, fans, strangers on the street, all the news outlets have been extremely supportive, and that’s such a gift because it’s not an easy situation to be in. I did find out, and he was a 38-year-old man at the time — it happened about 10 years ago — 38 years old and went after a 14-year-old female relative. And when I found that out, I did call Fox and I said, ‘We have to delete the scene,’ and they did, thankfuilly. And I did reach out to my co-stars individually and said, ‘Hey, I want you to know I found this out’ … so they wouldn’t be blindsided like I was.”

She adds: “When I did call my co-stars, I got chastized the next day by people at the studio for telling them. [They said,} ‘It got deleted — what’s the big deal?’ … When I did speak out, I had no idea of the details of that case and what happened to that girl. … The reality is that the people who collude to keep people like this in positions of power, that’s the real problem.”

Munn’s The Predator co-stars Boyd Holbrook and Sterling K. Brown have issued statements supporting her in the matter. The film opens wide Friday.

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