Stephen Colbert Accuses Bob Woodward Of Burying The Lede In ‘Fear: Trump In The White House’ – Video


UPDATED with video: Bob Woodward stopped by Stephen Colbert’s The Late Show to pitch the book President Donald Trump has been trashing on Twitter, Fear: Trump in the White House.

Colbert asked the Washington Post associate editor what makes him afraid.

“Not knowing” what’s going on in the White House, Woodward replied.

But, Colbert said, that’s not going to be knowable “given that the hallmark of Trump’s behavior in this book is that, from day to day, he may not remember what his idea was yesterday.”

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Colbert read from the very last page of the book, in which Woodward wrote about Trump’s former personal attorney John Dowd doing a practice interview in the White House. Dowd took the role of Robert Mueller and Trump played president of the United States.

“Trump goes ballistic, makes things up, starts screaming,” Woodward described of that mock interview, which led Dowd to tell Trump: “You can’t testify. You are disabled.”

Woodward told Colbert, “Imagine your lawyer telling you you are disabled and you can’t testify because you can’t tell the truth – you just make things up,”

Colbert noted that the Dowd quote is actually, “You’re a f*cking liar.”

“And, that’s how you end the book. I think you buried the lede,” Colbert scolds Woodward.

Asked how he feels about President Trump having called his book a “scam” and that he is lying, Woodward responded, “I’m not.”

“And what is the contest in America, other than the political contest, is a contest for the truth.”

“He has his First Amendment right; he can say anything,”Woodward continued. “But the great editor at the Washington Post, Ben Bradlee..used to say, when there was a contest back and forth, he said, ‘The truth emerges.’  And the truth will emerge on this too.”

More of Colbert’s interview with Bob Woodward:

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