Joe Biden To Host ATTN: Series On IGTV – Watch The Trailer

Joe Biden

Former Vice President Joe Biden is hosting a topical new ATTN: series, Here’s the Deal, on IGTV.

The 10-episode show, produced by ATTN:, will tackle issues confronting voters this November, such as immigration. The show premieres on Wednesday and airs weekly thereafter. After an exclusive 24-hour window on IGTV, episodes will be distributed on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

“These days there’s a lot of fluff and misinformation to distract us from the real issues,” Biden said in a trailer for the new series. “That’s why I am partnering with ATTN: on IGTV to break down the issues we all should be voting on this fall. Not complicated policy wonk language or confusing acronyms, just facts.”

ATTN: Co-founder Matthew Segal said he initially interviewed Biden when he was in office. After the end the Obama aAdministration, he began speaking to the prominent Democrat’s team about creating a show that would reach the next generation of news consumers where they live.

“The vice president is a great communicator and explainer of issues. He’s a great storyteller and sees the big picture,” Segal said in an interview with Deadline. “He weaves in personal stories to give the human, personal elements to policy issues.”

This is believed to be the first IGTV series hosted by a national American politician.

Here’s the trailer:

ATTN: is excited to partner with @joebiden on IGTV to break down the issues we’ll vote on this fall. Tune in Wednesday on IGTV for the first episode.

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