Sterling K. Brown Supports Olivia Munn On ‘Predator’ Sex Offender Complaints

Ron Batzdorff/NBC

This Is Us star Sterling K. Brown has added his sympathy and voice to Olivia Munn’s outcry at having to work with a registered sex offender on 20th Century Fox’s The Predator.

Brown tweeted in response to Munn’s statements that she was isolated after complaining about working with Steven Wilder Striegel, who shared a scene in The Predator with her. Striegel previously served six months in jail in 2010 after pleading guilty to risk of injury to a child and enticing a minor by computer.

The scene with Munn and Wilder has subsequently been cut from 20th Century Fox’s upcoming reboot of The Predator.  Fox claimed it was unaware of his background and director Shane Black apologized for the casting, saying he “chose to help a friend,” later claiming he was misled by Streigel’s characterization of his illegal actions.

Brown, who plays CIA agent Will Traeger in the film, tweeted to co-lead Munn that “I’m sorry you feel isolated in taking action,” and lauded her courage in reporting Wilder’s presence to the studio. “I so appreciate that you ‘didn’t leave well enough alone.'”






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