George Papadopoulos Gets 14 Days In Slammer; Insists Jeff Sessions Favored Candidate Trump/Putin Meeting


Donald Trump’s former campaign adviser George Papadopoulos got 14 days in the hoosegow today after pleading guilty to lying to feds.

The first person sentences in Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s probe of 2016 Russian election interference also got slapped with 200 hours of community service, a $9.5K fine, and a year of supervision.

Papadopoulos, one of the key players in the Russia probe – or, as Trump described his role, a “coffee boy” – pled guilty late last year to lying to investigators.

The adviser told The New York Times that he lied to agents to distance himself from what was likely an illegal act.

Shortly after news of the sentence broke, CNN’s Jake Tapper unfurled a look at his one-hour interview with Papadopoulos.

In the interview the former campaign advisor insisted that he never alerted the Trump campaign about Russian dirt. More accurately, Papadopoulos hemmed and hawed, and finally settled on, “I might have, but I have no recollection of doing so. I can’t guarantee. All I can say is, my memory is telling me that I never shared it with anyone on the campaign.”

If Tapper was disappointed with this statement, Papadopoulos made it up to him, saying then-Sen. Jeff Sessions was a fan of his plan to have candidate Donald Trump meet with Russian ruler Vlad Putin. Sessions has said the opposite while testifying under oath.

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