Harvey Weinstein Assistant Feature In The Works From Kitty Green & James Schamus – Toronto

Harvey Weinstein
Casting JonBenet filmmaker Kitty Green is in pre-production on her next film, a feature-length fictional work, that tells the story of the day in the life of one of Harvey Weinstein’s assistants.
The new film, currently untitled, is produced by the same team that made Green’s Casting JonBenet: Scott Macaulay, and James Schamus.
To create the film, Green spent nearly a year researching hundreds of public records and documents, and conducting scores of interviews, collecting a huge reservoir of impressions of the lived, daily experience of decades of work experience of the hundreds of employees subjected to the work environment dominated by Weinstein. Casting and other production details will be announced soon.
Says Green: “What was perhaps the hardest part of all my researches and discussions was the repetitive nature and banality of Weinstein’s reign, which lasted over thirty years, over the hundreds of young people – and specifically women – who came to his companies ready to start their careers. When you actually imagine and then live through even one day of what it must have been like, it’s terrifying.”
Producer Scott Macaulay says: “Kitty Green is a filmmaker of extraordinary vision and bravery, who has proven she can connect broad audiences to the toughest of subject matter in the most original of ways. Her new film is a work of profound empathy, crafted to allow our audience to wholly identify with its heroine and the all-too common inequities she faces.”
Adds James Schamus: “Kitty Green understands that the exercise of corporate bureaucratic power – so often structured against women and insidiously mobilized without fanfare against a vulnerable workforce – is its own kind of horror, and to understand fully Harvey Weinstein’s depredations requires knowing the setting that made them possible to continue for so long. In doing so, Kitty is creating a cinematic experience like no other before it.”

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