Donald Trump Tweet Tackles Nike, Bob Woodward, But Mum On “Anomonous” Op-Ed Author

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“What was Nike thinking?” President Donald Trump tweeted the morning after his Billings, Montana rally.

Answer of course is “Same thing you are, sir,” gloming on to a hot-button issue that has put the company in the headlines heading into NFL season. Just like Trump began using Colin Kaepernick to his advantage for months to whip his base back up after several political missteps. One year ago this month, at a rally, Trump urged NFL team owners to “get that son of a bitch off the field” when any player took a knee during the national anthem. Kaepernick was the first to do so, launching an effective protest of recent police maltreatment of African Americans.

Trump’s Nike reference is, of course, all about the company signing Kaepernick to its new campaign, including a TV ad it will use during this NFL season.

Trump had refrained from trashing Nike, or Kaepernick, during his Billings bash, except for one fleeting reference at the one-hour mark when he promised attendees, “We’re standing up for your values, we’re standing up for Montana, and we’re standing for our national anthem and our flag.”

Moving on to Bob Woodward’s blockbuster book about the Trump White House, POTUS this morning tweeted, “The Woodward book is a scam.”

“I don’t talk the way I am quoted,” said the guy who insists he knows the best words, but kept botching “anonymous” at previous night’s rally.  Trump called the unnamed author of the damning op-ed about him in the New York Times “Anomonous,” and then, trying to course-correct, botched the word a second time with equal verve.

“These quotes were made up. The author uses every trick in the book to demean and belittle,” said the president who previously told Woodward he was “very fair” in a phone conversation the Washington Post associate editor, recorded with Trump’s knowledge.

“I wish the people could see the real facts,” tweeted the president who rebuffed Woodward’s repeated efforts to get him to sit down with him while working on Fear: Trump in the White House, and then insisted in that phone call to Woodward that none of his people had told him Woodward wanted to speak with him – a playing-dumb-when-convenient routine Trump has been using on since back in his Apprentice starring days.

“Our country is doing GREAT!” Trump concluded.


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