Trevor Noah Probes Donald Trump White House Resistance Revealed In Bombshell NYT Op-Ed

Comedy Central

Today in Crazytown, we learned there is a secret group of people within the White House actively working to curb Donald Trump. This via a New York Times op-ed: “I Am Part of the Resistance Inside the Trump Administration.”

“Okay, that doesn’t make me feel better,” The Daily Shows Trevor Noah confessed. He likened it to the staff on your next plane flight getting on the PA system to report “The pilot is actively trying to crash the plane. But don’t be alarmed. We’re doing everything we can to stop him…So please keep your seatbelts fastened and enjoy your peanuts and tax cuts.”

Trump already had called the op-ed fake, but Bob Woodward’s new book suggests otherwise. In Fear: Trump Inside The White House, Woodward says former economic adviser Gary Cohn prevented the president from withdrawing from a trade agreement with South Korea by swiping a letter off his desk.

“Yes, you heard that correctly,” Noah said. “Donald Trump can be made to forget about a major policy decision the same way a baby forgets about its parents when they play peek-a-boo.”

“All of this stuff is crazy, but at some point, we’ve got to stop saying that it’s a bombshell,” Noah argued. While acknowledging Trump is doing a lot more Trump than we thought he would be doing, “the day we learn Trump secretly works out, and reads Shakespeare, and teaches kids how to code – that’s when we call it a bombshell,” he insisted.

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