Rebecca Ferguson In Talks To Join Denis Villeneuve’s ‘Dune’

Brent N. Clarke/Shutterstock

Rebecca Ferguson is in negotiations to join the Denis Villeneuve-directed adaptation of Frank Herbert’s Dune, Deadline has confirmed.

The Mission: Impossible – Fallout star will join, as Deadline exclusively reported, Academy Award-nominated Timothee Chalamet, who will play Paul Atreides the hero (or anti-hero, depending on how you view him) of the epic novels by Herbert. Ferguson will play Atreides’ mother, Lady Jessica.

Legendary acquired film and TV rights to the novels in 2016, with the intention of making multiple films. David Lynch directed the 1984 film in which Kyle MacLachlan starred as Paul Atreides. The story is set in the far future involving worlds beyond Earth, ruled over by competing feudal families who control access to a drug called Melange. Known popularly as “spice,” the drug gives its users heightened consciousness and an extended lifespan at the cost of crippling addiction and fatal withdrawal. Spice, use of which makes interstellar travel possible, is found only on the desert planet of Arrakis — aka “Dune” — and as such is the most valuable commodity in the galaxy.

In addition to the Mission: Impossible franchise, Ferguson starred in last year’s The Greatest Showman opposite Hugh Jackman. Deadline recently exclusively reported that she will star in the next installment of Men in Black and play Rose the Hat in Doctor Sleep, based on the Stephen King novel that continues the storyline King started in The Shining.

Ferguson is repped by Actors in Scandinavia, ICM Partners, and Tavistock Wood Management.

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