Donald Trump Comes For Chuck Todd, Says He “Won” The Fight Against Media


It took Donald Trump a day, but he finally responded to Chuck Todd’s Atlantic essay where he called for media to start fighting back against critics.

“Sleepy Eyes Chuck Todd of Fake NBC News said it’s time for the Press to stop complaining and to start fighting back,” Trump wrote on Twitter. “Actually Chuck, they’ve been doing that from the day I announced for President. They’ve gone all out, and I WON, and now they’re going CRAZY!”

This comes as no surprise as Trump loves to remind everyone he is a winner and prides himself on crying “fake news” on anyone and everyone in media who do not agree with his viewpoints and attempt to do their job. The Meet the Press host wrote a lengthy piece for the Atlantic where he said: “Access isn’t journalism’s holy grail–facts are.”

Todd called out numerous conservative media figures such as Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, Laura Ingraham, and even the late Roger Ailes and said that they are part of a campaign that promotes media hatred.

“I’m not advocating for a more activist press in the political sense, but for a more aggressive one,” he wrote. “That means having a lower tolerance for talking points, and a greater willingness to speak plain truths. It means not allowing ourselves to be spun, and not giving guests or sources a platform to spin our readers and viewers, even if that angers them.”

He continues, “The truth is that most journalists, in newsrooms large and small across the country, are doing their best each day to be fair, honest, and direct. These values are what Americans demand of one another, and it should be what they demand of their media.”

He punctuates his piece with: “The challenge for viewers and readers is this: Ask yourself why someone is so determined to convince you not to believe your lying eyes.”

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