Donald Trump Talk Turns Stephen Colbert’s Beard White With Fright


Stephen Colbert grew a beard over his break and then showed it off on his return to his late-night show, because that never gets old, right?

“Evidently talking about Donald Trump for two years has made my mouth old,” the Late Show host said of his noticeably white beard and non-white hair.

“I’d like to take a moment now to apologize to Wolf Blitzer’s beard for copyright infringement,” the CBS star host joked.

Exhausting that theme, Colbert moved on to other developments of his 19-day break.

“Every day historically crazy stuff” was happening, Colbert noted. “We were prepared to talk about all of it, but it seems like an explosive book about the Trump White House comes out every few minutes. We had Omarosa’s Unhinged, we had Fire and Fury, “and the novel Crazy Rich Caucasians,” Colbert said.

Hours earlier, the Washington Post released excerpts of Bob Woodward’s expose of the Trump administration, called Fear – “A book named after the emotion Trump feels whenever he sees a book,” Colbeard snarked, boasting he’s got Woodward booked for his show on Monday. Fear: Trump in the White House is published by CBS’s publishing house.

According to Woodward, nobody in the White House likes Trump very much, least of all White House Chief of Staff John Kelly, who, according to Woodward, said, “I don’t even know why any of us are here. This is the worst job I’ve ever had.”

Kelly’s worst job ever, however, is going to be explaining to his grand kids “why you worked for the Big Orange Baby Cager,” Colbert predicted.

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