Labor Day: Celebrities, Media Defend Former ‘Cosby Show’ Actor Working At Grocer


Here’s a great Labor Day story: celebrities are riding to the online rescue of former Cosby Show actor Geoffrey Owens, who several media outlets are trying to shame because he works part-time as a Trader Joe’s cashier while pursuing acting.

Owens played Elvin Tibideaux, a handsome doctor married to the oldest daughter of Cliff Huxtable (Bill Cosby) on the top-rated The Cosby Show between 1985 and 1992. He now gets occasional acting appearances, most recently on Lucifer and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. He also teaches, but it was his Trader Joe’s job that caught the attention of some former fans, who took note online.

That post was picked up first by the Daily Mail and then other media. Some early news accounts of his job took a “tsk-tsk” approach, portraying Owens’s job as a fall from grace. A Fox News story in particular has been singled out for online ire.

However, an online outpouring by actors, media people, and many fans who have worked day jobs in-between creative gigs has risen up to defend him.

A few of the comments:

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