California Lawyer Makes Racially-Charged Comments Over ‘Crazy Rich Asians’

Crazy Rich Asians
Warner Bros.

As Crazy Rich Asians continues to slay the box office and blaze trails for inclusion and representation in Hollywood, lawyer Christina Ignatius, who affectionately refers to herself as “Tenacious Ignatius” thought it would be appropriate to open her mouth and share a lengthy rant about the movie, stereotypes, and Asians in Orange County. Naturally, her racially-charged thoughts weren’t exactly popular.

In the long post that has since been deleted, Ignatius said that Crazy Rich Asians reminds her of “all the Asians who flooded into Orange County and then took over our mall at South Coast Plaza. In fact, they came up with a shopping word called ‘snoshy’. It stands for posh and snobby.”

Ignatius, law graduate and a tutor, took more jabs at Asians by citing offensive stereotypes about “driving like an Asian,” “rice rockets”, “Tiger Moms,” and then points out how Asian students approached her for tutoring services

“They keep telling me that they are attending UCRA,” she said. “I need to translate that into my head to deduce that they are going to UCLA.”

She continued to mock Asians while promoting stereotypes saying that while at UC Irvine, Asians flooded the school if “they were smart and could get in.” She referenced the “Tiger Mom” stereotype again and said that they told their children to “become docta”, but if they weren’t smart enough they should “marry docta” and if they couldn’t marry a doctor they should marry a lawyer. “Yes, my sucker Caucasian male lawyer friends who married Asian Women were completely poached for dollars and earning potential.”

She ended the post by saying, “From one annoying thing to another, Welcome the Asians!”

But don’t worry, according to the all-knowing Ignatius, she was just posting her “provocative” thoughts about the culture and the movie — which makes it OK, right? In a non-apology post, after her initial rant was considered abuse, she wrote “I had no idea talking about stereotypes would be so provocative.” She then referenced the YouTube video “Sh*t Asians Mom Say”, suggesting that her rant was similar to the satirical video.

She ended by saying, “By the way, I do not hate Asians. I really love them and find differences to be funny and interesting”, an argument that apparently makes justifies her so-called “provocative” thoughts.

While Ignatius shares her unpopular thoughts about Asians, Crazy Rich Asians is eyeing another amazing weekend at the box office with a third weekend projection of $23.2M over three days. Sony’s Aneesh Chaganty-directed digital thriller Searching starring John Cho is looking at good numbers as it expands to theaters while movies like Netflix’s To All The Boys I Loved Before based on the Jenny Han book and starring Lana Condor as well as Hulu’s documentary Minding the Gap directed by Bing Liu are making waves.

Ignatius should get her scuba gear ready because she might drown in this Asian flood.



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