‘Big Brother’ Contestant JC Mounduix In Trouble Again


Mon deux!  Once again, Big Brother contestant JC Mounduix is in trouble with his housemates and fans of the show. This time, it’s for footage that shows him kissing another houseguest while that person was sleeping.

US Weekly is reporting that Mounduix was sharing a bed and was seen kissing Tyler Crispen on the show’s 24/7 online feed. The footage shows him rubbing Crispen’s face and arm, then kissing his armpits.

The next day, Crispen told fellow houseguest Kaycee Clark that he was “sleeping alone tonight” because he slept like “sh-t” the night before.

“JC is not sleeping with me,” he stated.

Clark then asked Crispen if Mounduix was “touching” him throughout the night.

“Yep,” he said.

The New York Daily News reported that Mounduix claimed he was trying to comfort Crispen when he was having nightmares.

Fans on social media weren’t buying it. Many called for his removal from the show.

Part of the problem is that Mounduix is a repeat offender in upsetting his fellow houseguests.  In July, the live cam showed him using an ice cream scooper on several housemates, attempting to stimulate their genitalia and allegedly touching a female guest.

CBS responded to that incident, but has not commented on the most recent Mounduix faux pas.  He has also used racist language on the show in the past.


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