President Trump On The Attack In Ohio, But Silent On John McCain Illness


President Donald Trump spoke at the Ohio Republican party annual dinner tonight on a wide range of topics, including the murder of Iowa student Mollie Tibbetts, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s recent remarks that America was never great, and supporters Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West.

But what he didn’t say made the biggest news, as President Trump failed to offer any words on Arizona Senator John McCain, who announced today that he was ending treatment for aggressive brain cancer.

Many Republicans earlier offered words of support to McCain after his announcement was made. But Trump, who has repeatedly clashed with McCain and once questioned whether he was a war hero, was silent on the matter.

Instead, Trump turned to campaign trail red meat, talking about illegal immigration, ESPN’s recent decision not to air the national anthem, and Democrat inaction on his legislative priorities.

Trump brought up Tibbetts as a justification for cracking down on illegal immigration, calling her alleged murderer “this horrible illegal immigrant.” He also claimed the story lost traction with the media once it was revealed that the murderer was not in the country legally and was working under an assumed name.

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