Donald Trump Tweets Press-Is-Enemy & A+ Self-Evaluation Clips From ‘Fox & Friends’ Interview

Donald Trump Fox & Friends
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UPDATED: Of all the clips from this morning’s Fox & Friends interview, the one President Donald Trump wanted to make sure his millions of Twitter followers saw was the one in which he claims 80% of the media is Enemy of the People. He followed that with the moment in which he gave himself an A+ grade for his time in office to date, which included more complaints about the press.

In the clip, which Trump tweeted without adding comment, he calls the New York Times a bunch of crazed “lunatics” and lists his complaint about the press at large.

His summit with North Korea ruler Kim Jong Un was “a great success…And if you remember, the only thing [the press] got me on, they said ‘he spoke , he met’… I didn’t give him anything. I gave him nothing except sanctions, okay?”

“My meeting with Putin was a tremendous success, I got killed by the fake news. They wanted me to go up and punch him in the face,” Trump added in the pre-taped interview.

“NATO, I raised of hundreds of billions of dollars from these countries that weren’t paying, they were delinquent, they weren’t paying their bills. The press doesn’t like to talk about that, the press talks about the fact that I insulted a lot of the leaders because I was strong on the fact that they had to pay.”

The only thing on which he is doing badly, Trump said in the interview, is in getting the press to cover him “fairly.”

“I thought after I won, you know, they killed me during the campaign, just killed me. I said, ‘Well one good thing about winning, I’ve showed them, so now I’m going to get fair press.”

“Guess what, it got worse. It’s worse.”

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