MTV VMAs: Kevin Hart Tells Donald Trump To “Suck It”


Kevin Hart wasted no time getting political onstage last night at the MTV Video Music Awards as he and Tiffany Haddish took the stage as the night’s first presenters, reassuring the crowd that they can feel to express themselves.

“But at this game, you guys can kneel. You can do whatever the hell you want. There’s no old white man that can stop you,” Hart said, alluding to Trump and his criticism over NFL players “taking a knee” as a form of protest during the National Anthem. In response to Trump’s repeated slamming of NFL players who refuse to stand during the anthem, the NFL adopted a policy that players would be fined if they did so. The league, along with the NFL Players Association later suspended the rule, pending further review.

Hart got in a second jab at Trump a bit later, saying, “You never know what’s going to happen at the VMAs. I mean, beefs pop off, bad language, people sending out crazy tweets. It’s basically like your typical day at the White House. In your face, Trump — suck it!”

Trump has become a favorite target lately at awards shows. Who can forget Robert De Niro’s “F*** Trump” outbursts when he was onstage in June at the Tony Awards to introduce Bruce Springsteen’s performance of “My Hometown”?

You can watch Hart’s full remarks below.

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