‘Celebrity Big Brother’: Kirstie Alley Reveals She Had “Snacks” With Prince Charles At Courtney Love’s House & Stormy Daniels Explains Exit

Kirstie Alley has been dishing the dirt during her time in the British Celebrity Big Brother house and it turns out she has had “snacks” at Courtney Love’s house with British royalty.

The Cheers star admitted that she dined at the Hole singer’s house with Prince Charles, heir to the throne and father of Meghan Markle’s groom Prince Harry.

Speaking in the garden to fellow contestants including Love Island star Gabby Allen, comedian and chef Hardeep Singh Kohlu and kidnapped model Chloe Ayling, she said, “I’m friends with Courtney Love and one time she asked me to dinner and Elton John was at dinner and there were only four of us. Then another time she asked me over for snacks and Prince Charles was there.”

During the chat, Alley also called Tom Hanks a “genius” and said that Robert De Niro, Al Pacino and Leonardo DiCaprio were “really nice guys”, although she admitted that she had only met the latter pair briefly.

Alley is the star turn for this year’s British reality series, which airs on Viacom’s Channel 5. The house, parts of which had been decorated in the style of The White House in advance of the arrival of Stormy Daniels, the porn star that allegedly had an affair with Donald Trump.

There’s still no sign of Daniels, who went on ITV talkshow Loose Women to reveal why she hadn’t entered the show. She said that it was in part due to ongoing legal action against the President and the fact that she was going through a custody battle.

“It kind of started a while back, when I initially was approached about doing [Celebrity] Big Brother.

“Full disclosure, I didn’t really know what I was getting myself in to. I’d never seen the show. They offered me a lot of money and it was very tempting and then… it’s just crazy, the initial offer… then I realised there’s no way I can make that long of a commitment because of the ongoing litigation with Trump and [Michael] Cohen and all that stuff. So the deal was re-negotiated to a week for a substantially smaller sum than is being reported. Sadly, as everybody knows, I’m going through a divorce and custody stuff and anyway…

“I flew over – I wasn’t sure if I was going to come because there had been some issues – flew over, had the plan that I wanted to work with producers and try to come to some sort of agreement that was beneficial for both of us – I was going to come over and apologize in person on the live taping to the British public and the producers and see what we could work out.”

“Arrived, hadn’t gotten word back from my attorneys, you know from my soon-to-be ex, the paperwork whatever… went and did the pre-tapings, had a great day, then I got word there was a development in my custody case, was very honest, which I guess was my mistake – I told the truth – to the producers that I was uncomfortable spending the night in the house… Being a mum comes first and I wanted to be able to talk to [my daughter] with everything going on. But I wanted to work with them.”

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